Discussing The Legality Of Online Divorce

    There has been new interest in the concept of online divorce and as expected, myriads of questions keep coming up about it. One of the most frequently asked questions goes like "Is online divorce legal?" Here is the thing; if you go through the divorce process online, you are not missing out on much because there is not much difference between an online divorce and the regular divorce process. Traditionally, when people decide to get a divorce, they usually engage the services of an attorney. And usually, what attorney tries to make their clients do is talk to their partners to reach an agreement on the terms of a divorce.

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These Terms Normally Consist On How To Divide Properties


How to pay debts and the most important one in many cases rests revolves around child custody and visitation rights. This may come as a surprise but in most divorce scenarios, the partners usually reach an agreement on these things. What this means is that the partners are the one who actually works to make sure that an agreement is reached but you can guess who profits from these compromises, your guess is as good as mine; it is the attorney(s) representing the couple. After the couple has reached an agreement, the next process is the separation papers. Here, the attorney compiles everything the couple has agreed on in a file and presents it before a judge to process.

After this, there is the process of filing your divorce with the county clerk. Like other steps, you have to pay your attorney to do this. On average, this costs between $400 and $1000. What your attorney will do is to introduce himself and the nature of your case to the judge. After the judge is satisfied with the case from questions directed at you, your divorce will be finalized. At this stage too, the attorney gets paid and the fee could be quite exorbitant as it can cost as much as hundreds to thousands of dollars.



Now, let's circle back to the subject of online divorce and see if it is legal Here, you don't really need an attorney to assist you in your bid to reach an agreement with your partner. If you are going with online divorce, you already know how to split your property, settle debts and matters relating to child custody. You won't need to pay an attorney telling you to reach an agreement and charging you for it. An online divorce service provider will create the Separation Agreement for you after you have had talks with your partner.

You will have to explicitly state your agreements with the majority of online divorce services. There are some that provide Separation Agreement for free. The main thing you and your partner have got to do is to sign and everything gets validated. Getting your divorce paperwork filed with the county clerk is also easy. In most countries, the cost of filing for divorce is about $150. What you have to do is devote some time (it usually doesn't take more than two hours) and go to the county clerk to fill a form, pay the filing fee and file your divorce paperwork. If this appears as something you should do rather than paying some extra bucks for your attorney to do the same thing, you should do it. It is not everybody that likes having an expensive divorce.

The last thing you have to do is to appear in court to finalise the whole process. If you ask me, you don't have much use for an attorney when the entire judge asks you are really easy and direct questions.

Questions like:

When did you get married?

When did you get separated?

Do you or do you not agree with the terms of the Separation Agreement?

If you still doubt the legality or the acceptance of an online divorce, know that the only thing you are doing different is not using an attorney. Basically, you will follow the whole divorce process in a way an attorney would follow it but you are doing all the legal work personally. Your divorce paperwork is exactly the same an attorney would present to you. Perhaps this will convince you, online divorce providers use the same computer programs that attorneys use to create and process your paperwork. Law Bamba is an online platform where you can find any attorney to guide and represent you on any legal issues. Once you find an attorney of your choice, you will be able to contact them instantly.

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This should clear any doubts you must have had about the legality of online divorce. It's a thing, folks and it is much cheaper too. However, online divorce works best if the divorce is civil, in the case of a messy or angry divorce, the presence of an attorney may be needed.

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